Lead VFX artist, specialising in many aspects of creature work, including modelling, 3D and 2D concepting, anatomy building, faceshapes (FACS), shot sculpting, and texturing.

Experienced in successfully leading teams of modellers or texture artists on large (and small) film projects. 

Great social skills, a passion for the work and a very hands on approach, encourages my team to keep pushing right up until the end of each show. 


My goal is for everyone to feel proud of what they've helped bring to the big screen. 

I expect a lot from my team, but I also judge myself with the same high standards. Often picking up hero characters myself, in order to lead by example.


I've enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects, including Lady and the Tramp, Thor Ragnarok, Fantastic Beasts, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Paddington and Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

My background is in traditional illustration and animation, and I have a real love of concept art, animation, traditional sculpture, old horror/sci-fi movies and anything film related.

Links to my filmography and some personal work: